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A relatively new concept in the world of database systems is the NoSQL DBMS.

Just what is NoSQL? Well, I bet you could have guess that it doesn’t use SQL, right? Well, not exactly, at least not any more. The movement (and its name) is gaining popularity, but there isn’t exactly much rigor in terms of defining exactly what a NoSQL database system is, or what it must be able to do.

At a high level, NoSQL implies non-relational, distributed, flexible, and scalable. Many are also open source. NoSQL grew out of the perceived need for “modern” database systems to support web initiatives. Additionally, some common attributes of NoSQL DBMSes include the lack of a schema, simplicity of use, replication support, and an “eventually consistent” capability (instead of the typical ACID transaction capability). It really does not mean no SQL support.

There are a bunch of NoSQL “database systems” springing up. The more popular ones include:

The NoSQL Guide to the Non-Relational Universe

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