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The 10 Database Commandments.

Z/Journal, June/July 2010.

Here they are! The ten things you must do to ensure an optimal database environment. More>

Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g Release 2 and Heterogeneous Databases.

Oracle Magazine, May/June 2010.

Use code template mappings to transform non-Oracle database data at the source. More>

Are DBAs Obsolete?

Database Trends & Applications, June 2010.

Every so often, some industry pundit gets his opinions published by declaring that "Database administrators are obsolete" or that "we no longer need DBAs." But is it true?

All About Availability.

Teradata Magazine Online, Vol. 9 No. 4

Implementation of data synchronization, along with the extract, load and transform (ELT) approach to data cleansing and integration, can be used to support multi-systems deployment for high availability. More>

Flat-File Databases Often Overlooked In Security Schemes.

Dark Reading, May 2010.

While many enterprises continue to build systems and strategies to protect their relational databases, many organizations haven't done enough to secure the information in flat-file databases. More>

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Social Data Has Become Social Big Data

What happens when the volume of conversation – positive or negative – grows to a volume that is impossible to review individually, and a volume that obscures the opportunities the data holds? This is precisely what is happening with social data…


Tools to Facilitate Efficient Data Management
..many data management tools are available that enhance the functionality of the DBMS, ease the administrative burden and reduce the possibilities of database error.   more>

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Database Tips, Tricks & Scripts

Complexity, Quick Release Cycles, and Compliance Requirements Complicate

Database Change.

How often are you managing changes in your database environment? Databases are not static – far from it. They are living, breathing, changing entities. Change is disruptive and it will be difficult to manage appropriately without a plan... more>

July 1, 2010

The History and Future of Database Change Management.

Traditional SCM concepts don’t necessarily fit in the database world. Databases are constructed differently than traditional software code. But a more rigorous approach to database change is warranted... And this article discusses not only why, but offers a solution.  more>

Fixing Corrupt Microsoft Access Databases
It can be frustrating when have a Microsoft® Access database containing critical business data fails to open. Do something about it!   

Why Data Still Matters!

Over the years, many technologies and marketers have claimed that data has become irrelevant and that some “new and improved” technology, technique, or ideology will replace data as the center of IT and data processing. But it has yet to happen, and it never will happen, either!


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