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Other Database Blogs of Interest

Planet DB2 Blog Aggregator
PlanetDB2 is an aggregator of blogs about DB2. The publisher of PlanetDB2 combines and republishes posts written by DB2 bloggers around the world. If you want to learn about DB2, this is the one blog you absolutely must follow. TOP

SQL Server Blogs

A page of great SQL Server related blogs each of which feature personal perspectives from industry experts on new developments in SQL Server and database technology. TOP

Oracle Blogs

This collection of blogs and bloggers focuses on Oracle technologies and issues. Hosted by Oracle. TOP


PlanetMySQL is an aggregator of blogs about MySQL. The publisher of PlanetDB2 combines and republishes posts written by prominent MySQL bloggers. If you want to learn about MySQL, this is the place to do it! TOP

Log Buffer

Log Buffer is the DBA community’s Carnival of the Vanities-style blog of blogs about the database world. It is the place DBAs and others interested in databases come to read and write the news of what their colleagues around the world are working on—how they’re solving problems, using their skills, and what they’re thinking about. A new post is published every Friday. TOP


Curt Monash’s blog on the latest and greatest in database management technologies and trends. TOP

Dan’s Database Digest

The goal of this blog is to educate readers on all areas related to data and database technology. This will include all data-related topics and the exploration of features, tools and solutions related to vendor proprietary database management systems (DBMSs) such as DB2, Oracle and Teradata and also open source DBMSs such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. TOP

The Database Programmer

All things related to database applications, both desktop and web. TOP

Peter DeBetta's SQL Programming Blog

Peter DeBetta's blog about programming in SQL Server 2008, 2005, etc. using technologies such as T-SQL, .NET, CLR, C#, VB, Visual Studio, and SQL Server Management Studio. TOP

Practical Metadata

A blog on making metadata work ... Written by someone working in the trenches. TOP

Data Makes The World Go Round

Fern Halper’s blog about “the big wide world of data and information management and analysis.”

The DB2 Portal Blog

Craig Mullins’ DB2 for z/OS blog.  TOP

There is a wealth of database-related information being published daily by pundits, consultants, technicians, and IT professionals on their blogs. This page offers up some of the most relevant database-related blogs for you to follow.

Featured Blog

Data and Technology Today
by Craig S. Mullins

Craig’s blog covers news, issues and trends related to all database systems, data management, and related topics. If your profession relies upon managing, accessing or protecting data, Data and Technology Today will offer you regular useful information.